If you've come here looking for FalcignoFoto or Savvy Singles Studio, please note that I am in a career transition from photography* to professional organizing and manifesting. 

*I do plan on making more art and focusing on In Her Words Diary in my spare time. 

Professional Holistic Organizing

Collaborating with compassion, we explore your deep hidden life dreams, and set up your space and life to attract them to you.

For more information on Professional Organizing & Manifesting, please visit my new business' dedicated site, Room to Transform.

For the Black, Indigenous, Person of Color, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, and otherwise marginalized communities; your life is important to me. Structural oppression obstructs your dreams. Empathy leads me to  explore ways to unblock obstructions, and contribute to a more equitable present. 

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